ShowBiz Dance Academy

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We preform a couple shows at near by malls for Christmas. This gives our students a little experience of dancing on a stage with an audience. We also do a recital at the end of our dance year in June for our parents and friends and anyone wishing to see what we have learned.

Pre-Ballet - We start with exercises designed to develope balance and control for later classes. We learn the basic positions and combine them with music for our first ballet dance.

Acrojazz - Acrojazz is jazz, creative movement and tumbling combined into an exciting dance with music the students can relate to and use to express themselves.

Ballet - Here we begin our ballet lessons as tought by many of the ballet companies. It is a more formal ballet and designed as an intricate stage performance.

Tap - We teach good rhythm and timing. Our students enjoy being part of the stage dances that are very pleasing to our audience.

Jazz/Hip Hop - This class is more up to date dancing. Our older students enjoy dancing like some of the dancers they see on TV.

Lyrical - The lyrical dance is done with expression and feeling, making the dance look as if it is from ones own heart.

Hula, Hawaiian - This is our most colorful dance. It is done in the old Hawaiian style folk dance. We tell a story using hands, feet and body.

Stretch - Good exercise for toning and developing muscles used for dance.

Production - Here is our biggest stage preformance. We combine many classes and age groups to put on a Broadway type musical dance.

Pageantry and Modeling - We have a modeling work shop for anyone who wants to compete. This is useful for any students wishing to learn poise, confidence and stage presence.

Adult Classes: Ballet, Tap and Hula - These classes are for the child in all of us that love to dance or move to the music. No experience required.

For class information call 513-226-8405