ShowBiz Dance Academy

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We have several performances during the year. Some performances are within the studio and others are at nearby locations. We also have an annual Recital in June each year. This performance is fun for everyone! We hold our Annual Recitals at a nearby school in the Theater on the Big Stage!

Acrojazz - Acrojazz is jazz, creative movement and tumbling combined into an exciting dance with music the students can relate to and use to express themselves.

Adult Classes: Ballet, Tap and Hula - These classes are for the child in all of us that love to dance or move to the music. No experience required.

Ballet - Here we begin our ballet lessons as tought by many of the ballet companies. It is a more formal ballet and designed as an intricate stage performance.

Boyz Hip Hop Only - This class is a Hip Hop class geared for boys only of all ages. We use clean, appropriate music and dancing during this class. This class also includes strength building exercises.

Broadway/Musical Theater - This class teaches a more theatrical style of dance; something you may see in a Broadway Musical Show. It may have a jazz or tap vibe to the dance.

Contemporary - Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Hula, Hawaiian - This is our most colorful dance. It is done in the old Hawaiian style folk dance. We tell a story using hands, feet and body.

Jazz/Hip Hop - This class is more up to date dancing. Our older students enjoy dancing like some of the dancers they see on TV.

Lyrical - The lyrical dance is done with expression and feeling, making the dance look as if it is from ones own heart.

Pageantry and Modeling - We have a modeling work shop for anyone who wants to compete. This is useful for any students wishing to learn poise, confidence and stage presence.

Pre-Ballet - We start with exercises designed to develope balance and control for later classes. We learn the basic positions and combine them with music for our first ballet dance.

Production - Here is our biggest stage preformance. We combine many classes and age groups to put on a Broadway type musical dance.

Stretch - Good exercise for toning and developing muscles used for dance.

Tap - We teach good rhythm and timing. Our students enjoy being part of the stage dances that are very pleasing to our audience.

For class information call 513-226-8405